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Professional Hospitality Advisors

“Integrated Consulting Solutions and Management Services for Hospitality Businesses”

Development Planning and Feasibility

IHM provides development planning and feasibility services to assist clients in achieving their project development objectives within realistic time frames and budgets. The IHM consultants are comprised solely of senior management and executives. Clients receive the full benefit of more than 400 combined years of hands on experience from operators of hotels, food & beverage service operations, destination resorts, conference centres, and attractions.

Development Planning:

Development planning assignments generally include significant due diligence to ensure that projects brought to market have the practical capacity to succeed. Our focus is in the pre-development phase assessing available options to ensure that tourism market realities as well as operational efficiencies are considered at the base line.

Development consulting services include:
  • Site Selection and Layout;
  • Project Programming and Conceptual Design;
  • Evaluation of Operational Efficiency;
  • Market Positioning and Marketing Planning; and
  • Financial Modeling, Operating Projections, and Sensitivity Analysis.
Project Feasibility:

Our feasibility studies are effectively due diligence research conducted for project developers and/or project lenders. The purpose of our research is to identify any 'Make or Break' issues that will prevent a project from being successful in the current and emerging economic environment, and generally include:
  • Site Analysis and Suitability Assessment;
  • Product Evaluation;
  • Construction Cost Assessment;
  • Economic Environment;
  • Market Analysis and Positioning;
  • Financial Modeling, Operating Projections and Sensitivity Analysis;
  • Management Assessment; and
  • Economic and Financial Feasibility Assessment.



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